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I met Wannes when he introduced himself as a facilitator for the Empatheia Incubator project that our team was working on. Little did I know at that time his caliber and the amazing talent he had. He led our team through the Silicon Valley Design Thinking process and the way he worked with the team was remarkable. He kept us moving along, offering suggestions, quizzing us and more importantly kept us focused on our timeline. Wannes was an amazing person to work with. I learnt so much from him and hope to put into practice my learnings. Thanks Wannes, appreciated the journey with you.
Nizar Kheraj
It is amazing when you get a chance to collaborate with a person who is at the top of the profession and that is exactly the experience my team and I had working with Wannes I had the pleasure of working with Wannes on my startup project through Stanford via the “LISA - LEAD Incubator & Startup Accelerator” program. With us being new to the design thinking methodology, I was immediately impressed with how Wannes was able to guide our thinking and the design of our solution. First by going narrow and then wide and then back to narrow when required. Oftentimes, my team just wanted to plow forward but Wanne's ability to makes narrow and/or expand our thinking got us to our solution much faster than we could have done on our own if at all. Although the initial phase of our project is behind us, we will forever be grateful to Wannes's contributions and we do look forward to collaborating with him again. Wannes's expertise and equality as important his human-centered approach would be an asset to any team or project.. Thank you for everything, my friend
Emanuel Gaspar


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