Team Focus

A regular remote get together with your team to
look back,
and move forward.

My role? I'm the facilitator who focusses your team. I collect collective knowledge and convert it into actionable outcomes.

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We follow a rhythm, be it a weekly, monthly or quarterly rhythm. A rhythm allows us to plan it, prepare for it and that will bring peace.


Yes, online. To save time, be more focussed and have everything digitally documented for referencing purposes.

Get together

Your team knows what’s going on, what needs to be done and where they’re going. It’s the team that needs to be on the same page. It’s the team that has to visualize the same horizon.

It's only in hindsight that we can connect the dots.

Look back

We don’t need to let the past define the future, but we do need to see what we did and what the impact was. What gave us energy? What brought us further? Where did things go south?


Once we know how the team performed in the previous period, it’s time to orientate. Where are we now? Where are we going next? What obstacles do we foresee and how will we manage them?

If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.


Does everybody know their tasks? Is everything clear? Is the team ready to work towards the bigger goal?

Move forward

Hey ho, let’s go!
Time to move forward and do some work!

Collective knowledge

Every member of the team has a part of the expertise and know-how. When we bring these parts together, wonderful things happen.

Actionable outcomes

Less talking and more doing.
Less clicking and more typing. 
When we all know what needs to be done, it only has to be done to get it done.

The facilitator

Hi, I’m Wannes.
I’m a facilitator at
I convert collective knowledge into actionable outcomes.
While doing so, you and your team can focus on your strengths: product, project and market knowledge.

Is this what your team needs?!

Let's get in touch!

What you get

Kick-off meeting

  • Expectations + team
  • Mapping of the process or project
    —> what are you working on, and where are you going?
  • Annual planning

Recurring meetings

  • variate retrospectives
  • Lightning decision jam based on the retrospective
  • Adapt, adjust and supplement the mapping


Together, we define the frequency and the rhythm, which of course can be altered based on new insights. We plan a minimum of 5 workshops upfront: 1 to kick-off and 4 quarterly workshops.

  •  Quarterly series: 1+4 workshops: 2500 euro
  • Monthly series: 1+12 workshops: 5500 euro
  • Bi-weekly series: 1+26 workshops: 8000 euro